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"The expert in anything was once a beginner..."


ORO Training Calendar

The Oregon Registry Online provides a calendar of trainings across the state and enables child care providers to keep track of their training and education. Create an Oregon Registry account to begin tracking your training:


Start your Safety Set Training Here!

All Oregon providers must complete Introduction to Child Care Health & Safety (ICCHS). Licensed Providers, Center Staff and Regulated Subsidy Providers must also complete Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect (RRCAN).  

Both can be completed online for free at the Oregon Center for Career Development's (OCCD) courses web site.  You can create a free account and access these two courses here:

We have Distance Training options to suit your busy lifestyle.  Podcasts? Online Course? Zoom Presentation? Vroom! to you? Babies! TO GO? You want it; we've got it.  Just let us know....


Inclusive Child Care 


“No matter what their abilities or needs, all children are children first. The Inclusive Child Care Program supports access to inclusive child care opportunities for all children.”

If you provide child care, the Inclusive Child Care Program can provide resources and support to help you meet the needs of every child in your care. 


CKC Hours PODSQUAD Course Title

HGD 2 111 Relationship Matter

HGB 2 Promising Futures

HGD 2 113S Promover El Desarrollo

PM 2 211 Motivating Staff

PM 2 221 Star Rating for Children

DIV 2 411 When Grace Lin Realized

DIV 2 415S Como Nuestras

DIV 2 412 Mama Don’t Understand

FCS 1.5 510/510S The Role of Grandparents

HSN 1.5 510 Little Kids, Big Questions

HSN 1 025 Safety in the Sun

HSN 2 015S Los Efectos de los Medios

SN 2 711 Early Sign of Autism

SN 1 ADHD in Brain

UBG 2 112 Behavior Has Meaning

UBG 2 Circle of Security

O/A 1 Digital Video

LEC 1 611 Investigating Balls


Our PODSQUAD Trainings help meet your professional development goals on your terms! Train when you want; where you want; across every Core Knowledge Category. 

You just: 

1.  Select the PODSQUAD that interests you. 

2. Email with the name of PODSQUAD you would like to be emailed or mailed to you.

3.  Complete the training and evaluation and return it all to your CCR&R Support Specialist. 

CCR&R will:

A.  Provide the feedback.

B.  Log your training hours into your ORO account.  

C.  Send you copies of training certificates for your records.  And that is are done! What could be simpler? 

Movie Talk: Babies! 

The 2010 film follows four babies from different countries through their first year of life. Ponijao lives in Opuwo, Namibia; Bayar(jargal) lives in Bayanchandmani, Mongolia, both rural areas. Mari lives in the very urban Tokyo, Japan, and Hattie lives in San Francisco, U.S. After the movie, we will discuss the diverse ways in which children around the world are raised. Each participant will plan how to use their expanded awareness of diversity to improve their partnerships with families. Popcorn will be served!

Watch “Babies” film on Netflix or request a copy of it with NW Regional CCCRR. This is a take-home training and for materials for film contact to have materials emailed or mailed to you. You will receive Set 1, 2.5 hours in Diversity.

Read & Reflect Modules 1-6

  1. Infant and Toddler Physical Development (HGD)

2. Integrating Literacy Strategies (LEC)

3. Parents as Partners ( FCS)

4. Using Observation and Assessment in the School-Age Setting (O/A)

5. Math: Not Just About Numbers (LEC)

6. Helping Children with Angry Feelings

  • Self-study modules with workbook/sheets

  • Work at own pace

  • Your time, free, no pressure, verbal learners, no travel, basic info

    This is a take-home training and for materials for modules contact to have materials emailed or mailed to you