OCCD is Growing Master Trainers!!

OCCD is excited to share about our new pilot project entitled, Growing Master Trainers! 

The overall goals of the pilot project are to (1) increase the number of Master Trainers in Oregon who are from communities of color, linguistically diverse communities, and rural communities; and (2) increase the number of Set Two and Set 3 trainings that are available in diverse languages. For the past year, we have been working hard to make strides in our goals. We are accomplishing our goals by listening to the voices of our diverse and frontier communities.  We have pulled together organizations who serve children and families who speak languages other than English and from Oregon’s frontier communities to create a Community Council to advise our work.  We are working with the Community Council on strategies to remove the barriers in the Registry/training system that prevent individuals from becoming master trainers.  It is our intention that this work will create a professional development system that is inclusive and recognizes and builds upon the strengths and wisdom inherent in our communities for the advancement of all children.
            To date, the Community Council has identified the priority barriers, and co-created and approved recommendations and strategies to mitigate the barriers that will be piloted within the Project.  The strategies that will be addressed within the pilot include:

· Developing a culturally appropriate accessible training on adult education principles and on cross cultural training development

· Creating a competency-based pathway to demonstrate skills and expertise as a trainer

· Streamlining the current mandatory review of every Set Two and Set Three training session

Designing and Implementing a trainer support model that includes outreach and mentorship. 

We are excited to be working on carrying forward each of these activities and seeing the outcome of our work.   



Debby ReedComment