NEW Safe Sleep Training and Requirements

The Office of Child Care recently passed new rules around infant safe sleep. Amongst these rules is one which states if a program is found with a safe sleep violation, that OCC will notify all parents of infants enrolled in that program by mail. Very often safe sleep violations occur in child care programs as a result of parents requesting for their child to sleep in that manner. Therefore, the letter, while informing parents of the violation, also serves the purpose to offer research on best safe sleep practices.

A brochure that you could share proactively with your parents can be found here:

(In Spanish)

Many providers have already shown their commitment to the safety of Oregon’s youngest children in your care by taking the Safe Sleep for Oregon’s Infants training. The goal of this training is to provide Early Educators with an opportunity to learn about safe sleep practices and to identify and prevent risks to the babies in your child care program. People have a lot of great things to say!

  • “Great Training.”

  • “Thank you for all of the knowledge on safe sleep.”

  • “It was very helpful.”

  • “I will use this knowledge every day as I work with infants.”

  • “This was easy to follow and complete.”


Find the training here:


At the end of the training you will take a Quiz. At the end of the Quiz is a Submit button which will go to ELD. The Submit button may not work in Chrome depending on your default pdf viewer. Download and save the file to your computer following your internet browser instructions to a location you can remember, complete training, attach to email and send to

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