Lower Columbia Hispanic Council


           The Lower Columbia Hispanic Council (LCHC) is a community-based organization whose mission is the equitable integration of resident Hispanics into the broader social and economic fabric of the Lower Columbia community.

LCHC aims to provide programs and services that address both the immediate and long-term needs of the community. Concurrently, they strive to create opportunities for Hispanic families to gain skills that empower them and that create greater self-sufficiency. Finally, they seek to help Hispanic families integrate into the greater community. To accomplish these goals, we offer programs and services that focus on Education, Health, Financial Empowerment and Advocacy & Civic Engagement.

  The Lower Hispanic Council has been serving since 2006, is a community-based nonprofit organization whose mission is the equitable integration of resident. LCHC became a nonprofit organization in 2006 but the founding members have been working with the Latino immigrant community since 1992. As the only organization in Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook Counties that provides specific services in Spanish to Hispanics.

LHC has a program “Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors” that focuses on Latino parents with children ages 0-5. The program was designed in partnership with Latino parents to incorporate their values, concerns, and culture into the curriculum. The objective of the program is to incorporate school readiness, family well-being, and advocacy by addressing the following practices: in Brain development, key aspects of early childhood development (cognitive, language, physical, and social/emotional), early literacy, numeracy, bilingualism, health, attendance, civic engagement, parent leadership, goal setting, and planning for family success.

How familiar are we with organizations in our community? Or organization that best supports those who play a role in Early Learning. We have decided to include an organization in your community that many aren’t aware that exist in your community. The Lower Columbia Hispanic Council has been serving for 12 years in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook Counties. Even though they are located in Clatsop they provide services to all THREE counties. For more information on ALL their service visit https://lchispaniccouncil.org/en/home/.

  We had the opportunity to interview a staff member at the LHC, to aim to go in more depth on their service that the public isn’t aware of their service and how they contribute to the Early Learning community and you can get involved with local organizations in your community. 


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