July 1 Info post & August 31 Verification of Viewing

New Postings; New Rules: July/August


Last night, Virginia and I were doing a training in Columbia County and we had a couple of providers express concern over the recent “rule” info they received from the ELD.  It was the information telling you that you must publish and post some new things in your childcare space. 

We know it can be nerve-racking when you unexpectedly get a new direction with a deadline unexpectedly.  Life with children is full of stuff like that!  Anyone with kids or involved with kids has had the experience of the late night run to any open store to get beans and macaroni to make a map of Oregon by the morning or the desperate hunt through the clearance racks at Freddie’s for a white long sleeved shirt with a color for the required choir outfit for the concert that is tonight! That stuff is second nature to the born multi-taskers like you!

So here is what you can do, if you haven’t already addressed this new piece. 

  • Write the website address and phone number below on a notecard or small piece of paper and post it on the wall next to your license.  Your cards should say this:  
  • “You may access child care safety info at the child care portal at www.oregonearlylearning.com or by calling 1-800-556-6616.”
  • If you should happen to receive a valid serious complaint or serious non-compliance letters from July 1, 2018 on, you must post a copy of the letter/s where parents can see them.  Same goes if your license closes for any reason: notify parents immediately. 
  •  Finally, you need a signed declaration on file of parent signatures verifying they have seen a copy of your current license certificate. The Office of Child Care should have sent you one to use. It is a three-column form that you have each of your parents sign and date after they have seen your current license. If you can’t find the copy sent to you, don’t despair! You can access the form and the complete information here.  It is halfway down the page and called "declaration of viewing". If you can't find the one sent to you and you don’t have a printer, just copy words at the top onto a regular piece of paper and have your parents sign that.. You don’t need to send this to the OCC. You just keep it on file to show your licensing specialist when they visit.  You must have this done by August 31, 2018. 
  •  Esta información está disponible en español en el sitio web de la división de aprendizaje temprano enhttps://oregonearlylearning.com/child-care-rules-public-comment-gov-directive


 That’s it!  If you have further questions, you can email them right back to this address and we will do our best or you can call your licensing specialist for help. 

Debby ReedComment