Introduction: Meet Dorit Harvey-Skidmore! Our New Professional Development Support Specialist


I have always gravitated towards caregiving and education as a career. I find inspiration in the natural power children have to create something out of nothing—their wild imaginations, kind hearts, limitless resilience, and enthusiasm for learning keeps me moving forward.

I was born in Israel (hence the Hebrew name) and moved to Gig Harbor, Washington with my mom and brother when I was a year old. Having a single mom who was working and completing college at the same time, I found personal value in caring and acting as an advocate for my younger brother. We came to Oregon after my stepdad retired from the Army and my mom got a job with Nike. I grew up in Beaverton where I attended Arts & Communication Magnet Academy until I started college at NYU. I started working in Early Childhood Education in 2010 at a center in downtown Portland where I taught preschool between finishing my degrees. I came to Nike in 2014 as a Seasonal Floater and started as a Lead Teacher in Swoosh in 2016. In 2017 I finished my Masters in Inclusive Education at Portland State.

I come to the NW Regional CCR&R after four years working with the Nike Child Development Program. While working through my years as lead teacher, I developed a passion for sharing my professional knowledge with my colleagues and supporting their endeavors as we grew collaboratively in our process to create quality learning opportunities for all learners in our care. I have a special interest in Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and using evidence based strategies to help build social-emotional competence in early childhood. My other interests include using integrated methods by exploring concepts across developmental domains and supporting fellow educators to use ongoing assessment and observation to inform quality experiences. I am excited to continue sharing these passions with the field of early childhood education as I grow into the position of Professional Development Support Specialist for Columbia County. Already I have been honored to meet and partner with a wide array of different providers. I look forward to learning alongside my team and being a part of professionalizing the field of Early Childhood Education.

In my free time I enjoy listening to audio books, camping, hiking, biking around and exploring the city with my husband, kickboxing, singing, goofing around with my three year old Siberian Husky, and visiting family.