Greater Oregon Behavior Health Wants to Hear Your Voice

Greater Oregon Behavioral Health  invites you to make your voice heard in your community of Clatsop, Columbia or Tillamook County. 

             NW Regional CCR&R specialists , Virginia Garcia and Debby Reed and local  Registered Family child care provider, Irene Barajas recently attended a GOBHI session  aimed at removing barriers related to child care.  Barajas, who runs a successful and popular family child care spoke to the complexity of the system families have to navigate and the level of commitment it takes to make the business work.  Barajas herself works seven days a week.  Her license allows her to care for a maximum of ten children, but she actually serves closer to thirty.  Her flexibility and willingness to work with family schedules have placed her in demand.  GOBHI can turn its attention to any subject the public wishes  as long as it is about removing obstacles to get children aged 0-17 the services they need.   Anyone in these regions can submit their feedback and share their experiences with a Barrier Form; a written description of difficulties or obstacles encountered in trying to assist  youth aged 0-17, who are enrolled and involved in multiple health and family systems like Medicaid or the Foster Care System. The child care system is just one example.  In each locality, Practice Level Work Groups and System of Care Site Leads will follow up individually to determine if this is a pattern others are experiencing; if it involves multiple systems; and any additional context to the barrier to customer service. 

Garcia and Reed got valuable feedback on community needs and are responding with flyers and press releases about Child Care Resource & Referral support and the Inclusive Child Care Program has responded as well with plans to attend a future meeting. Individuals submitting their feedback in the form of the barrier report have the option to remain anonymous and/or also share the barrier to the Practice Level Work Group.

Use the link below to the website for more information as well as access to the Barrier Submission Forms.


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