Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education are Highly Effective

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Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education are Highly Effective.   Oregon’s EI/ECSE programming increases school readiness, reduces the impact of disabilities and developmental delays on children, and prevents the need for future interventions when participating children receive recommended individualized services. Let’s learn more……

What is EI/ECSE?

The Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE) program provides special services to children with disabilities and their parents. These services help the child’s development improve. Families can get EI/ECSE services for their children who qualify no matter where they live in Oregon. Each child in the EI/ ECSE program has his/her own plan for services that is custom made and based on what that child and his/her family need.

When should I call the EI/ECSE program?

Call the local EI/ECSE program about any baby, toddler or preschool child whose development seems slow and who might need some kind of special services, especially if s/he has problems with how s/he talks, walks, sees, hears, responds to others, plays, and copes with new situations.

 Who can call the EI/ECSE program about a child?

Anyone can refer a child to the EI/ECSE program, including families, childcare providers, preschools, friends, physicians, community agencies.

Where can I call to find out if a child has a developmental delay?

Each county in Oregon has an EI/ECSE referral and evaluation agency. All referrals for screening and evaluation pass through this agency. The phone number for you to call for your local agency is at the end of this article.

What happens after I call about a child?

With the parent’s permission, screening and evaluation determines if s/he has a delay that makes him/her eligible for EI/ECSE services. If so, developing an Individual Family Service Plan (Ifs) addresses the child’s special learning needs. A team of professionals and the child’s parents work together to develop the IFSP.

What services can children and families get in Oregon?

EI/ECSE services in Oregon build on the family’s strengths to meet the special needs of their child. EI/ECSE specialists give family members, preschool teachers and caregivers ideas and help for working with and teaching the child in places the child usually spend time learning every day.  


Here are some examples of EI/ECSE services:


Giving the family information about their own child’s special needs,

Showing the family how to meet their child’s needs at home

Helping the family learn how other people and agencies can help them

Helping the family learn how to teach the child new skills


Is there a cost to families?

No. EI/ECSE services are free to families.


What about childcare providers…is there assistance for them?

Yes! Caring for children is rewarding, energizing, enlightening and joyful. However, it can also be exhausting and childcare providers can get extra help and support from Inclusive Partners. They can help providers create support for each child based on where they are at developmentally, emotionally and socially.  They connect providers to extra funds for their work and with:

·         Problem solving and planning

·         Sharing creative ideas for improving your environment to be more inclusive

·         Exploring strategies for responding to behaviors children bring to care

·         Suggesting accommodations and adaptations that may benefit all children in care.

Inclusive Partners services and supports are free of charge and may include phone calls, emails, onsite visits or training workshops.                                    


To contact Inclusive Partners:      

Call                          Email

(866) 837-0250       inclusivepartners@dhsoha.state.or.us


For additional EI/ESCE information contact:

Clatsop County ESD 503-338-3368

 Columbia County ESD 503-366-4141

Tillamook County ESD 503-842-8423

Early Intervention & Early Childhood Special Education

(EI/ECSE) Services in Oregon

Oregon Department of Education

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