Communicating Quality of Care with New Families

Communicating Quality of Care with New Families

When introducing new families to your program, how do you communicate the quality of care you provide? Families may look for different things to meet their particular needs, but there are many common factors that families want to know about what you do in your setting. Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA) provides resources for families to interview providers when seeking a childcare setting. One of these resources is a set of checklists for families to ask care providers about their program. You can be be better prepared to introduce new and prospective families to your program by framing your conversation around these checklists. See the article below from CCAoA to find out what families may be looking for:

When choosing child care, visit different types of providers, such as centers or family child care homes, before you make your decision. When you have determined which providers you want to visit, plan on the following:

  • Call and schedule a tour.

  • Plan on staying for at least one hour so that you can see the different activities.

  • Ask to spend time specifically in the room where your child might be so that you can see how the providers work with the children.

  • Ask to meet all of the caregivers that might be working with your child.

  • Ask questions about the program to staff and the owner/director.

Use the checklists below when you visit a child care program to help you make the best decision for your child.


Checklist for Family Child Care


Checklist for Child Care Centers


Checklist for Preschool Programs


Checklist for School Age Care

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