Candelaria Wachter Provider Spotlight

Candelaria’s Provider Spotlight

Before starting her journey in early childhood Candelaria Wachter was working at Shilo’s in Tillamook during the day and her husband would watch the children during the day.  In the afternoons, they would switch roles, she would stay home with the kids and he would go to work. Finding someone to take care of their children became difficult, that is when in June 2015, Candelaria began her journey as a early childhood professional in Tillamook County, making it easier to stay home and take care of her kids and other children. Candelaria is the only bilingual licensed childcare provider in Tillamook. She has been serving her community since 2015 as a childcare provider.

Q: Did you ever see yourself doing childcare and what/who inspired you to open up your childcare?

Yes, in 2003, I was a nanny in Keizer, OR. I wanted to be close to children, they learn from me and I learn from them. My husband and Irene Barajas (childcare provider in Tillamook) inspired me to open up my own childcare and knowing that I could stay home with my children and take care of them motivated me more.

Q: What are some struggles you face as a provider?

Some struggles are parent support and adjusting to families routine. It’s difficult to switch a child's routine when they come to childcare, every family has a different style of parenting. Another struggle is having difficulty with children who are a only child to interact and share with other children. As a provider these are some struggles I face but with patience there is always a solution.

Q: What has been the most rewarding experience/thing in being in early childhood field?

I’ve been learning more on how to deal more with children in different aspects from behaviors. Also, understanding how children are over time has been easier.

Q: Is there any advice to future providers?

“ Patience more than anything, and the willingness to work and pleasure to work with children”

Q: What are you goals for the next few months? 1 year? 2 years?

My ideal goal in a few months would want to open up a classroom but my husband said it’s too much money to open up a classroom. In one year, I want to keep supporting families and children in my community. In 2 years, be able to take more training and obtain my GED.

Q: What is the best part about being a provider?

I get to spend time with my children and still be working by providing support to families.

Q: If you could change something in Early Childhood field what would it be?

Regulations that can make it easier for new providers to join the Early Childhood field, more assistance on paying for start up fees when becoming a licensed provider.

Message from Candelaria Wachter

Thank you to DHS for hiring rates for child care and support funds from CCRR. The support has been helpful to continue to provide care for families and keep pushing on what we're doing.

A special “Thank you” to Candelaria for all her hard work she continues to serve her county by providing child care and for taking the time to be featured on the “provider spotlight”. If you would like to be in the next provider spotlight please contact us at

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