211info Services Connect Families to Multiple Referrals

211info is an independent nonprofit that strengthens the network of government, nonprofit and faith-based services in Oregon. People contact 211info by phone, text, and e-mail, mobile app and online database. Community Information Specialists listen to callers, gather information, and offer referrals, using an updated database of 42,000 programs. Several staff are bilingual and all  have access to interpreter services of 240 languages. 

                 These referrals link people to food, housing, healthcare, and more.  Many of the programs in 211info’s database address issues that affect young children such as family stress and instability, poverty, and homelessness and support can lessen the these traumas. 

People contact 211info for one thing, without realizing that there are other supports available. Here’s an example: A parent dials 211 because she needs to find child care for her toddler. He has been kicked out of two childcare centers because of his behavior, and so  she has missed a lot of work and fallen behind on her bills, and  fears eviction.  She needs a child care referral  that will meet her son’s needs, but she also needs support for her child’s behavior issues.    

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When speaking with the Specialist at 211, she may receive referrals such as:

· Medical care or mental health services that address her child’s behavior

· Early Intervention to assess her child for possible developmental delays or disabilities and if needed, offer free, individually-designed services and support to enhance development

· A referral to a program that can help her Child Care Provider access training and support to address her child’s behavioral needs

· Programs that help with rent or utility bills

· Guidance on how to apply for the SNAP program and information about nearby food pantries

· A Child Care Provider that is equipped to provide behavior guidance and extra support

· Parenting classes that lead to a better understanding of child development and how to manage family stress

211info’s specialists are quick, compassionate and well versed in how to navigate government and social services.

 In addition to 211info’s core services and Child Care Provider Referrals there are many other specialty programs available to callers .

This includes  important seasonal services such as severe weather response, referrals to free tax assistance programs, , specialty lines that support women and children’s health and behavioral needs, a help line for Oregon Foster Parents, access to DHS programs such as SNAP, TANF and ERDC, shelter screening services for homeless families in specific counties in Oregon, and much more.  

How do I contact 211info?

Dial 2-1-1 on your phone 

Text the keyword children to 898211

Email children@211info.org

Download the 211info mobile app for free on the App Store or Google play

Search the database at www.211info.org

How do I update my information in the Child Care Provider database?

In partnership with Oregon’s Early Learning Division, 211info conducts updates for the statewide Child Care Provider database. You may hear from 211info Specialists via email or phone to update your listing. If you would like to contact 211info staff to update your information, call 503-416-2698 or email support@211info.org