Disaster Preparedness & Child Care Providers: An Important Combination

As an early childhood professional, you probably have a plan for medical emergencies. You’ve made sure you are aware of allergies and medication-use. You‘ve taken your first aid and CPR classes. But have you made a plan for weather or disaster-related emergencies?

In light of recent natural disasters worldwide, it is not uncommon for parents and families to ask their child care providers and EC teachers about disaster preparedness, so be ready for the question, “How are you prepared to protect children in case of a disaster?” How should you begin?

Step 1...Create a written safety plan that includes an off-site safe meeting place.

Step 2...Add a Communication Plan to your safety plan. How will you notify families of a situation?

Step 3...Create a disaster supply kit that will meet the needs of the children for 72 hours.

Step 4...Practice Emergency Drills with the children. Make sure any staff or helpers are also trained and have practiced.

Step 5...Make ICE (In Case of Emergency) cards for the children.

Find the card template and many other excellent tips at:


www.emergency-preparedness www.savethechildren.org