Step-by-step: Becoming a Licensed Child Care Professional

Child care in Oregon can either be licensed care or license-exempt care.  License-exempt care means you aren't required to have license from the Office of Child Care (OCC) in order to provide child care because you meet certain requirements.  Answer a few questions on the Early Learning Division's website to find out if you need a license to become a child care provider.

So, you meet the requirements for licensed child care.  Let's learn how to become a Registered Family Child Care Provider; the largest group of providers in Tillamook, Columbia and Clatsop Counties. 

There are over 60 licensed family child care providers in our three counties!

There are over 60 licensed family child care providers in our three counties!

1:  First things first......Attend your Overview Class

The first step to becoming a Licensed Registered Family Child Care Provider is to attend an Overview Class with your CCR&R Specialists. This free, three hour class, taught by your CCR&R Support Specialists is required for family child care licensing and the key to a successful beginning.  In this class, you will learn more than just rules and licensing requirements.  An Overview is also the place to get all your forms, find out about training, meet licensing specialists,  learn about Provider Supports and even take a self-assessment to find out if child care is the right career for you!

Overviews are held on Thursday mornings from 9 am to Noon on a rotating County basis.  You can find and register for an Overview in your county by visiting the  "New Events" or "Training Calendar" pages on this website or at the Oregon Registry Online (ORO) training calendar.  If this schedule doesn't work for you, contact your CCR&R Team to schedule an appointment!

2:  Enroll in Central Background Registry

All licensed child care providers in Oregon must enroll in the Central Background Registry (CBR).  Enrolling in the CBR is a two-step process.  Step one is to complete the application either by mail or online and submit it with the $35 fee.  Once your application has been processed you will receive a letter telling you to proceed to Step 2: Scheduling your fingerprinting appointment.  You can get the application, fingerprint information and CBR Timeline at the Early Learning Division's Website.


A hands-on , first aid/CPR class that covers infant care is one of the Safety Set Trainings.

A hands-on , first aid/CPR class that covers infant care is one of the Safety Set Trainings.

3:  Complete your required Safety Set Trainings

Registered Family child care providers have four pre-service trainings they must take prior to being licensed.  They are free or low-cost and financial supports are available to help you. NW Regional CCRR offers one-stop training each Thursday on a rotating county basis.  It is a long day, but it is one and done!  The course you need are:

1.  Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety    2.  Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

3.  Oregon Food Handler's Course                           4.  Infant CPR/First Aid with hands-on component

4.  Prepare for your Health & Safety Visit

When you have completed your Overview, are enrolled in the Central Background Registry and have completed your trainings, you are ready to prepare your environment for your heath and safety visit from the Office of Child Care.  A licensing specialist will contact you to make an appointment to visit you and your child care area.  You can learn more about this visit with the Health and Safety Checklist created by the OCC.